Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Its been a while...

I'm not on this too much these days but still fishing a bit. Club is still holding matches and this year are trying to get new members involved and build it up a bit. We've held 3 matches this year, all in Galway venues. Fishing has been hard but the end result is that we have had a different winner on every match so the league is going well. Matches coming up shortly on the Joinery stretch and we hope the fishing picks up a bit. It really starts to fish from late September onwards. Dave Spokes, Martin Davitt and I (Jason Leavy) are all now court appointed water keepers. Anyone interested in (very) easy going small matches in the Galway area should get in touch either via email (casperjah@gmail.com) or through the local shops in Galway.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

recent news...

Not a lot going on at the moment as coarse angling in Galway tends to hit a low in the summer months.

I have not been out much and match attendances are down. This is mostly due to the fact that 2 club anglers are off fishing for Ireland in Spain and Shane Dunne have gone over to watch and run the bank. Arunas has also gone over to watch and learn, not that he needs to learn too much. Best of luck to the team and to Cathal Hughes and Rory Dunne who will hopefully bag up over there. (If they fish anything like they do when at home they are sure to).

Arunas has been bagging at Woodford again, local angler Danny Collins had a red letter day when he and a friend had almost 100lb of Rudd and me, well a junior tuition on Ross lake was tough with only 3 fish caught, and a day with Cathal in Clare in glaring sunshine brought no bream and a long awaited day at woodford only yielded me about 30lb of mostly tench. I am always a week late - pictured is Arunas the Saturday before I went with part of a300lb bag and with his trophy which he eventually got for winning the 2009 league.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Latest news and World Championships Update

The club season is well underway with matches having taken place on the Joinery Stretch at Ballyquirke and at Ballyforan on the River Suck. We are back in Galway this weekend and hopefully I will have all the results to post next week. The fishing has been quite good lately, with good fishing reported on the Joinery and at Ballyforan. Arunas Mlecka has been having great results at a few venues as the picture below shows on a North Clare lake were he had great fishing last week.

Although the Galway Coarse Angling Club is small we have always been well represented on the National and International Coarse Angling Scene and this year will be no exception with 2 club anglers going to represent Ireland at the World Championships in Spain. Both Cathal Hughes and Rory Dunne will be traveling to represent Ireland as part of the squad. Cathal has fished for Ireland a number of times at Junior and Senior level and Rory made his debut for the team at senior level last year. Its an expensive commitment for anglers and it would not be possible without a lot of support. The club will be helping with a small donation of €100 towards expenses for each angler.

The Clybaun hotel have also given Cathal €500 in sponsorship towards his costs. This will go a long way in helping pay to help get Cathal and his mountain of gear and bait to Spain. The Clybaun has long been a favourite spot for club members to meet up after competitions and many of our visiting anglers use it as a base when coming to Galway to fish our matches on the Joinery as its ideally located close the city and Moycullen Lakes. Without this sort of help it would not be possible for anglers to attend international events and represent Ireland and its appreciated by the club anglers and Irish Team alike.

Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 Season Kicks off

Our 2010 season has kicked off with our first match taking place in February and the second took place last weekend on the River Suck. Results to follow, as I have not been able to attend so far this year. The match calender has been produced - email me on casperjah@gmail.com if you want a copy. Our next match is on April 4th, on the Joinery.

As always new members welcome. We are welcoming all anglers from anywhere and of any level - the club is active in encouraging proper angling, catch and release and assisting in the cleaning up and prevention of littering. unfortunately the same cannot be said of everyone who fishes in Galway as litter is becoming more and more of a problem.

The calender agreed is subject to change but looks like this: (I apologize for the poor formatting of this but its not copying over from my home computer)

Match Venue Back Up Venue Date
1 Joinery Ross Feb 21st
2 Ross Lough Down March 14th
3 Joinery River Corrib/Clare April 4th
4 Parkyflaherty Lough Down May 9th
5 Roscommon Venue Mayo Venue June 6th
6 Ryans Shore Parkyfaherty July 11th
7 Mayo/Clare Roscommon July 25th
8 Lough Down Ryans August 22nd
9 Joinery Mayo Venue Sept 19th
10 Joinery Oct 3rd
Adrian O’Sullivan Memorial Joinery Oct 17th
Fur and Feather Joinery November 28th
Draw for matches 9.30 a.m.
Club Entry Seniors - €20 juniors - €10
Match Fee Seniors - €5 Optional Pools €10
Junior (Foróige Club) Match Fee €1
Contact Details: Jason Leavy Club Secretary and Junior Officer: casperjah@gmail.com

Anyhow, here are some pictures from a recent knock-up on the River Suck; pictured are Arunas Mlecka (current club champion), Rory Dunne (Team Maver Ireland), and Shane Dunne who has also represented Ireland at International level and is pictured with part of his winning catch of 29 kilos of roach and hybrids)


Arunas with 18 kilos

Rory with his net

Shane with part of his 29 kilos

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Final results from 2009 league:

Out of 10 matches we fished 8, 2 were cancelled due to the weather. We had floods and no we have iced over lakes - the first time the bigger moycullen lakes have been frozen over in 20 years. Did not stop the lad pictured below though, someone emailed me this - he is fishing (and Catching with a hand line, which is illegal)

Anyway results wise:

1st Arunas Mlecka 128.5 points Best 6 Results 114 Points - Well done
2nd Jason Leavy 137 points Best 6 Results 107 Points
3rd martin Davitt 71 points

Congratulations to Arunas on winning the league. He deserved it and fished well, finishing high up in most matches on Galway venues. He fell down on a river match we had on the river Suck, so at the AGM this Friday I will suggesting we have more matches on Rivers :-) Seriously though, its good to see good anglers from abroad fishing well, joining clubs and getting involved. Arunas has been a great help to me in assisting with Junior tuition last year.

Thats all I have time for, have a look at the photo below - this man is fishing through an ice hole with a hand line. It may be the done thing in some places but its illegal here. Also it should be noted that the lake he is on is between 15 and 40 foot deep and also has numerous hot springs that are coming up. Anyone walking on the ice has no idea where these are and the ice over them would be thinner and would not support your weight. Nuts!

Galway Coarse Angling Association AGM

AGM this Friday 15th January at 8.00 p.m. in Kellehans Bar, Bushypark, on the N18 just outside Galway (on Moycullen Road)

All members and new members wishing to join very welcome!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Match 9

Well I said in the previous post that we were hoping that the fishing on the Joinery would improve as winter sets in. Unfortunately this was not to be the case (for most of us) and the fishing was patchy. We fished the early pegs and 10 seniors and 2 juniors fished. Most of us set up whips at 6 and 7 metres and also fished the long pole/short line. To cut a long story short Cathal Hughes won the seniors match with over 13 kilo of small roach. Rory Dunne pulled out over 10 kilo with Bill Cassiddy coming in third. Not the big weights we hoped for but a nice day all the same. Cuan McOscair (pictured) won the Junior match with 1 kilo of small roach. They were hard got and he did well to get them as he has only been fishing in the club for a while.

Next match 22nd November on the Joinery again. Its the last match in our league this year. At the moment I am winning but when we drop our worst 2 results Arunas Mlecka will be ahead, so it looks like he will take the cup off me and to be fair he deserves it.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Adrian O'Sullivan Memorial Match

We fished this annual, invitation only match on Saturday 17th October. This match really is the highlight of the year for many in Galway and sees a lot of old faces coming out of the woodwork and raising money for charity in memory of Adrian O'Sullivan.

A few pwople have to be thanked initially for their help in organizing this event - the O'Sulllivan family, Cathal Hughes, Danny Goldrick and the staff in Reagans Bar Moycullen. Thanks are also due to the lads in the Western Regional Fisheries Board who cleared paths and helped get the venue ready.

The water levels were exceptionally low for the match this year. However we still had 24 anglers, each having to raise a minimum of €50 for charity to enter the match. The end result is that we have raised a minimum of €1200 for the O'Sullivans nominated charity, Sonas.

Results wise it fished poorly and it was very patchy. Cathal Hughes won it (again!) with 17 kilo, Kenny Ince (a foreign angler who travelled from a place called 'Cork') was second with 0.5 kilo, Arunas Mlecka came 3rd with 10 kilo, a good result for him as he is also winning the club league this year and I came 4th wiht 7.5 kilo. Peter Charlton from the UK, won the heaviest fish competition with a 3lb Bream.

All in all a great day was had while raising money for charity. And to cap it all off we had a good night out afterwards.

we are back on the Joinery again tomorrow, so I am getting gear ready as I write. Hopefully it will be back to form and I will be reporting on good weights next time.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Club League so far in 2009

We have fished 5 matches so far this year, the lat of which was today at Parkyfaherty. Martin Davitt has all the results but so far the league is tight enough with different winners for almost every match.

The fishing has been hard though. Our first match on the Joinery went well and as usual our venues fish well in winter and in mid summer the fishing is poor.

So far:
Match 1 Joinery - Won by Arunas 8.560 kilo
Match 2 (changed from Ross Lake to Parkyfaherty) Won by Arunas again
Match 3 Fished as part of the 2 day Roscommon Festival on the suck in Athleague - Won by Rory Dunne
Match 4 Ryans shore - won by Doni McWeeney
Match 5 Parkyfaherty - Won by Jason Leavy

Match 6 is scheduled for lough Down but may be changed as access is difficult and some trimming needs to be done.

So far I have run 3 junior tuitions - one on Ross Lake with 14 anglers and EVERYONE blanked despite fishing hard and doing their best. A disaster and the litter was a disgrace.
The second tuition was part of fisheries awareness week and was on the canal in town. Unfortunately the Roach that move in there every summer had not arrived and the 10 anglers caught only 1 trout between them.
Tuition 3 was on Ryans shore before the match we had scheduled and a few fish were caught, mostly small hybrids.

There have been good turnouts from the juniors this year with a good few sticking at it and improving. But with the fishing so difficult its hard for them to see the improvements. I can see that they are getting more confident though.

Arunas has been bagging up in Anglegrove in Woodford as usual and did some big weights there early in the summer. Pictures to follow but I believe he officially has the record there for the largest bag of fish caught in a session.

Dale and Dave are also doing well fishing strange unknown venues all over the west that they wont tell us about and catching lots of bream and tench.

More to follow when we get some exact weights off Martin but as far as I can tell I am winning the league with Arunas in second. However when we drop our worst results (best 7 results count) I think Arunas may be ahead.

Other news is that 5 club members are applying to the Fishery Board to be appointed as water keepers and hopefully this will help us in addressing some of the illegal fishing and littering problems that are very prevalent at the moment.

Friday, May 29, 2009

map for tuition on Sat 30th May

Ryans shore Map 6km from westwood house to turn off main road and about 3km before moycullen

Monday, February 23, 2009

Club Match Calendar for 2009

The match dates for the 2009 league are as follows:

Best 7 Results to count.


Date                Venue        Draw

March 8th          Joinery          9.30 a.m.

April 5th               Ross Lake  9.30 a.m.

May 17th             TBC             TBC

June 21st            Ryans Shore  9.30 a.m.

July 19th               L. Parkyfaherty 9.30 a.m.

August 23rd          Lough Down 9.30 a.m.

September 20th   Ross Lake    9.30 a.m.

October 11th         TBC             TBC

November 8th       Lough Down 9.30 a.m.

November 22nd Joinery          9.30 a.m.

December 13th Joinery          9.30 a.m. Fur& Feather

The Adrian O’Sullivan Memorial Match will be in October on the Joinery, date to be decided.

The top 3 anglers on each match day are paid a share of the optional pools (if they have entered).

The first placed angler is awarded 20 points, decreasing down to the last placed angler. Non attending anglers receive no points.

Junior anglers are entered into overall club championship and the Junior championship.

Junior anglers must be over 12 years of age. Juniors under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

No littered pegs will be weighed in and all anglers are expected to take home litter found on their pegs for proper disposal even when it is not their litter.

All fish must be returned unharmed after weighing and dead fish will not be weighed in.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Results of 2008 League.

We had 10 matches this year of which 8 counted towards the club league. As 2 matches did not go ahead the best 6 results counted towards the championship. Our second match had to be cancelled due to flooding and our match in Woodford did not count towards the league as there were not enough anglers fishing. All in all it was a  poor year for match turnouts and hopefully this will improve for this year. We might have something to thank the recession for if it means more people are out fishing. Results for the annual league are calculated on the best 8 match results with 20 points being awarded to the first placed angler and 19 to second and so on.  The championship is open to all club members and there is a separate league for juniors.

Fishing wise it was also a poor year and club members now feel that they would prefer to stick to fishing fewer venues for this year but concentrating on the venues that fish best. Our heaviest match weight in the league this year was in Balinasloe marina with 3.6 kilo. We returned there for the final match of the year and it was a different story with very few fish feeding and Arunas targeting (and catching) minnows.  Anglegrove fishery fished well for Martin, Arunas and Medo but with only 2 seniors fishing it did not count towards league points.

The seniors league for 2008 was won by me with 117 points from my best 6 results with Martin Davitt second with 112 and Arunas Mlecka third with 110 points so it was close enough in that 7 points separated the top 3.

The Juniors league was won by Daniel Whelan with 99 points beating Medo Sultan, the 2007 Junior Champion with 46 points. A newer club member, Paul Boreham came third with 32 points.  We had 10 juniors in the club who regularly turned up to fish matches which is very encouraging and in the entire league only 1 junior blanked meaning they all caught fish in every match they attended.

The AGM will be taking place soon and I hope to have a post soon after with our new match dates and details posted for 2009. We hope to get the 2009 league off the ground in late February.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Latest results

Match 9 Joinery
1st Arunas Mlecka
2nd Martin Davitt
3rd Jason Leavy
4th Medo Sultan

Match 8 River Cottage Fishery
1st Jason Leavy 2.85 kilos
2nd Bill Cassidy 2.7 Kilos
3rd Arunas Mlecka 1.00 kilo
4th Martin Davitt 0.820 kilo
5th medo Sultan 0.3 kilo

League so far
1st Jason Leavy 
2nd Arunas Mlecka
3rd Martin Davitt

The last match of the league is on November 2nd on the Joinery again, hopefully this time without the gale force winds and constant rain we had the last day.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Photos so far this year

Arunas now holds the record for the biggest bag of fish from anglegrove

I had some good Roach fishing during Spring on Ryans shore

Recent Results for 2008

Martin among the Bream on Clondanagh Lake, Tulla

Results so far for 2008:

Its been a funny year so far with only a few people turning out for matches. This has been in part due to the  national team of 4 Triana league which is running and has 4 of our anglers in it competing and doing well as Team Greys Galway. However that said we have had quite a few Juniors turning up and the 2 Junior Tuition days we have run saw around 14 Juniors introduced to the sport and of those 14 the ones who came back and fished matches since have done very well. Its obvious that the few hours training pays off and gives the young anglers the confidence to fish a full match without a senior angler helping them along all the way. Thanks to Cathal Hughes (Greys Galway) and Arunas Mlecka for their help with the juniors as they gave up their free time, tackle and bait to help the lads catch a few.

Also a special thanks to Dorothy from Clondanagh Cottage B&B near Tulla in Clare.  We had called Dorothy about coming down to fish a match on Clondanagh lake to see if she could help. Well she did - and sorted us out with a key to the car park, access to the private stretch of shore on the lake and gave us all the bait we needed to pre bait the swims on the lake prior to fishing. So we pre-baited a few swims that we put the juniors on, and then they caught fish while the rest of us (except Martin Davitt) struggled. All in all though we had a great day and a few decent fish were caught and its all thanks to Dorothy. Clondanagh Cottage B&B specialises in catering for anglers and you can find details of the service that Dorothy offers anglers here:


Ok so in short the league so far looks like this: (results and pics posted below)
League so far: 
1st        Jason Leavy        77 Pts 
2nd        Arunas Mlecka    70 Pts 
3rd        Alan Boreham     68 Pts 
4th        Daniel Whelan     64 Pts

Last match Ballinasloe Harbour 17/08/08

1st  Jason Leavy 3.600 Kg
2nd Bill Cassidy 2.100 Kg
3rd Martin Davitt 2.060 Kg
4th  Arunas Mlecka 1.500 Kg

Match 6 Results Parky Flaherty 22/07/08

1st  Jason Leavy 3.000 Kg
2nd Arunas Mlecka 2.580 Kg
3rd Bill Cassidy 1.200 Kg
4th Medo Sultan 0.340 Kg

Results up to match 5 Clondannagh

1st)  Alan Boreham 52 pts
2nd) Martin Davitt 40 pts
3rd) Jason Leavy 37 pts
4th) Daniel Whelan 35 pts
5th) Arunas Mlecka 34 pts
6th) Cathal Hughes 20 pts

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Recent fishing

Arunas has been doing a lot of piking lately and he and I fished Lough Down to see how its fishing for the upcoming match. Arunas had more fish than me - I spent too much time on worm trying for skimmers. We caught a roach a chuck on maggot, mostly small but there were any number there to be caught. Arunas pike are from the Clare river and the Cregg river also produced a few for him. We were going to try the rivers for roach but headed to Lough Down instead as it was blowing a gale.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Recent Fishing...

This was early August, fishing in Parky after getting keys from the forresters who were harvesting the trees around the lake a the time. Fishing with Martin Davitt, tnhe club secretary. It fished ok and we hoped for a good match on 12th September. It was not to be though as despite a good attendance and all but one peg being fished it did not fish well and was won by Rory Dunne, who found big hybrids and bream on the feeder, second was Cathal Hughes with his usual bag of fish way bigger than anyone thought...I came third and did not really deserve it. Only got the result after setting up the feeder half way throught the match to try to keep up with Rory. So much for the practice which saw me catch bream close in on the waggler...
Another match was fished since then on the Joinery and was won by Cathal Hughes (again) with Arunas coming second. We are on the Joinery again this Sunday (30th Sept) and again for tnhe Adrian O'Sullivan on the following Saturday (6th Oct). Its fishing well enough with plenty of roach to be caught on the high and low pegs, and skimmers and bream for the lucky few in between... More posts with results form these over the next fortnight.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Results match 4 Rooskey

Name Weight Points

1.BEDFORD Richard 14.120 20

2.HUGHES Cathal 5.240 19

3.DAVITT Martin 4.570 18

4.BEDFORD Malcolm 3.950 17

5.DUNNE Shane 2.150 16

6.MC WEENEY Doni 1.980 15

7.MLECKA Arunas 1.610 14




WEIGHT: 22.960

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Results of Match 3, Old Shebeen, River Shannon, Portumna

Great turnout for this match, both by juniors and seniors. I think we were all hoping to bag up but it was not to be as the results show.

1st J Leavy 820 gr Peg 14 20 points Total Points so far 54
2nd Arunas Mlecka 590 gr Peg 15 19 points Tot points 20
3rd Liam Bedord 440 gr peg 3 18 points Tot Points 46
4th C Hughes 310 gr Peg 19 17 points Tot points 57
5th S Dunne 300 gr Peg 11 16 points tot points 33
6th B Cassidy 240 gr Peg 10 15 points Tot points 50
7th Medo Sultan 140 gr (Junior) 14 points Peg 12 Tot 24
8th R Bedford 130 gr Peg 20 13 points Tot points 43
9th D McWeeney 50 gr Peg 17 12 points Tot points 49
Did Not Weigh Alan Boreham, Rory Dunne, Malcolm Bedford : Nil Pois

1st Liam Bedford 440 gr peg 3 Tot Points 46
2nd Medo Sultan 140 gr Peg 12 Tot Points 24
DNW Paul Boreham, Mark Powell, Glen Mannion, Michael Lawlor, Colin Cronin, Michael Mannion, Daniel Whelan : Nil Pois

Next match scheduled for the 10th June, Rooskey but may have to be changed due to venue being booked. Possibly changed to either 3rd June or 17th, up to the anglers to decide what suits majority.

If we catch 1 carp there each we will double or triple the total from this match.
It can only get better.

Results of Galway Coarse Angling Club Match 2 Ross Lake

1st Cathal Hughes 3 kilo 150gr Peg 3
2nd Donal McWeeney 3kilo 100 gr Peg 15
3rd Bill Cassisdy 1 kilo 140 gr Peg 5
4th Richard Bedford 930gr Peg 11
5th Jason Leavy 780 gr Peg 9
6th Martin Davitt 550 gr Peg 8
7th Malcolm Bedford 320 gr Peg 13
DNW Rory Dunne Peg 12
DNW Shane Dunne Peg 7

1st Liam Bedford 250 gr Peg 10
2nd Daniel Whelan 170gr Peg 6
3rd Medo Sultan 160 gr Peg 14
DNW Mark Powell Peg 16
DNW Barry Loughnane Peg 4

As you can see a very hard match, blew a gale all day, lots of pole breakages and very few fish.

The top anglers coming out of this match are:
  1. Cathal 40 points
  2. Donal 37
  3. Bill 35
  4. Jason 34
  5. Richard 30
  6. Liam and Malcolm, liam is ahead on weight, both on 28 points
  7. Martin 26
  8. Shane 17
  9. Alex 13
  10. Daniel 11
  11. Medo 10

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Result after 1st match Joinery 11-03-07
Member Peg Kilos Grms Points
HUGHES Cathal 6 14 260 20

LEAVY Jason 4 11 510 19

MC WEENEY Doni 7 11 430 18

CASSIDY Bill 8 7 700 17

BEDFORD Malcolm 2 3 840 15

BEDFORD Richard 10 3 550 14

DAVITT Martin 9 1 200 12






Golden Peg 8 €7.00

Largest Fish
Roach Kg Grms
BEDFORD Liam 0 460

Juniors Peg Kilos Grms Points
BEDFORD Liam 3 6 940 16

DAINTY Alex 1 1 600 13

LAWLOR Michael 11 0


POWELL Mark 5 0

SULTAN Medo 12 0

Monday, February 26, 2007

Galway Coarse Angling

Map showing most of the lakes in and around Moycullen, near Galway City

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Galway Coarse Angling Association Match Calendar

1) 11th March Joinery
2) 15th April Ross Lake
3) 13th May River Shannon, to be confirmed nearer date
4) 10th June Rooskey, Club fee used for entry
5) 15th July Ryans Shore
6) 12th August Lough Parkyfaherty
7) 2nd September Away Match, To be confirmed
8) 30th September Joinery
9) 4th November Lough Down
10) 25th November Joinery

For more info email: casperjah@yahoo.co.uk

Monday, March 27, 2006


Foroige is the National Youth Development Organisation. Foroige operates voluntary run youth clubs with an emphasis on democracy and giving the young people the chance to run their club. I have affiliated the junior fishing club with Foroige. The benefits of this come from the extra insurance available for Junior Members, the support and training available to me as a volunteer and access to a 14 seater mini bus which I also have alicence to drive. Very handy for hte club outings to venues that are not local for the lads.

Here is the link to Foroige:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland

Here is alink to the NCFFI homepage for anyone interested in coarse angling in Ireland:


Junior Angling in Galway

I am also the Junior Officer for the Galway Coarse Angling Association. This means that I am the first point of contact for many young people getting involved in angling. To encourage new anglers into the club I meet with them initially, help them with getting the right tackle and give them tips on angling. I call the junior members when we have a club competition coming up and often borrow the mini bus from work to bring them to the venues. A new departure this year is that I am providing tackle for new anglers - a rod and net - so that they can get started. If they like it then I give than a list of what's required to get them started and send them off to the local tackle shop.
The picture shown is me and a couple of the junior's at a fishing competition on Ross lake in Galway.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Favourite methods and venues

Pole fishing for Roach with a short line on Ballyquirke and feeder fishing for Bream.

Opinions of Galway Fishing

Galways got a lot of coarse angling opportinities even if its' not known as an angling 'hotspot'. I have been here for 4 years now and have enjoyed some great sport. We have a lot of rivers and lakes and if you head off the beaten track you can find great 'untouched' fishing. I will use this site as a on - line diary and log of my fishing succeses and failures (of which there are plenty).

The main site for coarse angling in Galway is Moycullen, 1o kms north of the city. Its best water is Ballyquirke Lough. However when I get the time I like to try the less well knowen and seldom fised areas. These have included Lough Corrib and the River Corrib, where I have caught fish that have never seen a coarse angler before.